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Unlimited Kagi searches for $10 per month

This year has been extraordinary for Kagi. We had tremendous support from our customers, and we want to start this by taking a moment to say thank you. We really appreciate it.

Since we launched Kagi, our users have raved about the search quality, but many have stressed about the cost of search and having to change their search habits when switching from an ad-supported service, so we’re fixing that. 

We’re thrilled to announce that unlimited search is now included in our $10/month Professional plan and our Ultimate, Family, and Duo plans.

“When I first heard of Kagi (and saw the prices) I thought: this is the stupidest thing ever, jesus it’s priced for Silicon Valley bros.

Well, I just turned on yearly payments seconds ago… I guess it’s just that good?”

Kagi Discord user, a couple of weeks ago - good news for this member :)

When we first adjusted our pricing, the search landscape was undergoing seismic shifts and brimming with uncertainty. The world watched as the emergence of powerful AI began rewriting the rules of search, and giants in the tech industry started a battle for dominance. It was a time of challenges and tough decisions for a small bootstrapped company like ours. We were determined to ensure Kagi was still around next year and remains a constant, reliable companion for your search needs.

Today, the tides are changing. With new search sources proving more cost-efficient, the improved efficiency of our infrastructure, and the broader market embracing Kagi, we can again offer an unlimited experience to a broader group of users. We’re excited that this change will let many more people enjoy a fun, ad-free, and user-centric web search.

Here is how the changes look through our membership plans.

Professional Plan

Kagi has one goal - creating the most delightful search experience for our members. Starting today, enjoy unlimited searches with Kagi. For a mere $10/mo, step into the expansive world of Kagi’s renowned search quality and rich features, all crafted with you in mind.

Oh, and by the way, this also includes unlimited use of our Universal Summarizer, which can summarize unlimited-length documents, audio, and video!

As a part of this update, we are also introducing the annual payment option with 10% off!

“For me Kagi represents an incredible accomplishment: the first search engine that gives better results than Google, respects privacy, offers customization and so much more.

Thank you.”

No, thank you, for supporting us!

Starter Plan (formerly called Standard)

This plan continues as our special introductory offer, designed for those ready to step beyond the free trial but still exploring whether the Professional plan aligns with their needs or fall into the category of most internet users who search just a few times a day on average.

We are removing the pay-per-use component (to simplify our billing infrastructure) and making it simple: 300 searches for $5/month. If a user hits this cap consistently, we recommend upgrading to unlimited searches at $10/month. This change also allows us to add the annual payment option at 10% off, which many of you requested.

“3 months in - I find myself annoyed when I’m on a device that isn’t mine and I have to use google.”

Same here, same here

Ultimate Plan

We’re aware that many of you used the Ultimate Plan for its access to unlimited searches. Starting today, we will be giving Ultimate Plan users access to the closed beta of the next generation of tools that Kagi is bringing to the web, and we’re targeting access for all our current Ultimate users in the next few days.

While we can not reveal yet what that is in detail as we’re still iterating quickly, no competitor comes close to the value proposition of this new feature suite. We would like you to help us better shape their future and join the fun!

When we release these new tools publicly, Ultimate users will have exclusive use of their most advanced features - ensuring your Kagi experience remains top of the line.

The Ultimate plan is also still the best way to support Kagi on its mission to humanize the web, and we are incredibly grateful to all of you who have chosen to do so.

“The belief the search was better because they have so much history of me and such a strong ML team is why I kept using Google Search despite trying to get away from other Google products. Kagi lenses really do show how much it’s not true, and how much Google’s collection of my data isn’t actually returning on my data and privacy investment.”

Turns out people know what they want better than algorithms do

New Kagi Search Individual plans

Family & Duo Plans

Family moments are precious, and we’re here to enrich them. Now, the whole family can explore a world of information together, with unlimited searches for $20/month (Family, up to six members) and $14/mo (Duo, for a couple).

We are inching closer to our vision where families can trust their search engine to prioritize their well-being over third parties and advertisers and where young minds grow uninfluenced by the data-hungry algorithms profiling them and changing their behavior.

Discover the joy of safe and ad-free search, nurturing curiosity without compromise. Learn more about the values that shape the Kagi Family plan.

“This sort of stuff makes me really happy to be a Kagi subscriber. Not only do I get value out of Kagi, but it shows me that the money is being used to develop Kagi in a way I agree with. By comparison, REDACTED (just picking one of my subs) feels hostile to me. I pay them, but I would cancel in a heartbeat if I felt I had options. I really appreciate Kagi’s development matching what i feel like i’m buying. Thanks Kagi Team ”

Awww, thank you! We'll keep on putting your money to good use

New Kagi Search Family plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I sign up?
A. Click here to become a member.

Q. Do I need to do anything to get the benefits of the new plans?
A. All changes will be automatic and applied to your account today.

Q. I do not have a credit card. Can I also pay for Kagi with PayPal or crypto?
A. Yes. We have recently added new payment options to allow payment through credit card, PayPal, and Bitcoin/Lightning through OpenNode.

Q. Now that I don’t have to count my searches, how can I switch all my browsers and devices to Kagi?
A. We have several options available. See here for more details.

Q. I have an outstanding pay-per-use balance on my current Standard or Professional plan. What happens now?
A. Effective today, we are waiving all pending metered usage charges for you. Yahoo!

Q. I noticed that the Ultimate plan changed to 10% off for annual payments. I previously had 15% off. Do I remain locked in?
A. Yes, as long as you do not cancel, you will have the previous discount applied to your renewals.

Q. When do I get the new advanced features of the Ultimate plan?
A. We are starting to roll out access today in batches, and we expect to onboard all Ultimate plan users to new features by the end of the next week.

Q. How can I get the new Ultimate plan level features in the Family plan?
A. We haven’t established a mechanism to incorporate Ultimate plan features into the Family plan yet. However, we are open to suggestions and would appreciate any ideas you may have. Please share your thoughts at KagiFeedback.org.

Q. Do I need to do anything with my grandfathered Early-adopter/Legacy Professional plan?
A. We will be simplifying this over the next few days in the UI, as this is all the same Professional plan now from a perspective of functionality.

If you recently renewed with Legacy Professional Annual and want to take advantage of the new 10% off, you can cancel and renew to take advantage of the discount. You may will be left with some pro-rated credits in your Stripe account which will be used for future renewals.

If you have the Early-Adopter flag, you will still keep it - we just didn’t have anything to tie it to right now, which does not mean we won’t in the future.

Q. I’m keen to support Kagi but concerned about its longevity, given the history of search startups. How can I be assured Kagi is here to stay?
A. What sets Kagi apart from other search engines is our fundamentally different, user-centric approach that prioritizes the interests of our members and the alignment of incentives. It’s worth noting that Kagi’s growth has been purely organic, without any expenditure on marketing or customer acquisition, attesting to the inherent value and trust our user base places in us and the growing need for better search.

We have priced our offering so that we do not rely financially on VC funding, data sales, or anything but our users’ contributions. We have had requests from our users to invest in Kagi, and we’re happy to offer that way to support us (see below).

We are striving to build a sustainable business, and we invite you to review our live stats for a transparent view of our steady progress. Your support matters, and we appreciate it a lot.

Q. How can I deepen my involvement with Kagi’s journey?
A. We are thrilled to hear of your interest!

Kagi is very open to collaboration, and we like to say that 50% of our product has been built by its members. We have a variety of ways you can get involved and contribute.

We are also open to applications for positions at Kagi.

If you’re already a Kagi user and are interested in becoming a shareholder, we’re considering another fundraiser early next year. Please get in touch, and we will let you know once we are ready.

For other inquiries or simply to connect, join our discord or email Vladimir Prelovac (Kagi Founder) at vlad@kagi.com.

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