Tales from Kagi

Kagi raises $670K

Kagi has successfully raised $670K in a SAFE note investment round, marking our first external fundraise to date. This was made possible with the participation of 42 accredited investors, most of whom are actual Kagi users. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our community for their unwavering support in our journey to humanize the web.

The funds raised will serve as a catalyst for accelerating our new and existing product initiatives. Additionally, a portion of the funds will be allocated to offering new and enhanced product benefits to be included in your membership. Moreover, we have an exciting surprise in the works, which we’re not yet ready to announce.


Looking ahead, we are cognizant that when building Kagi, we are running a marathon and not a sprint. Altering entrenched habits in the society, such as the reliance on personal data and even pieces of what makes us human as currency for essential online activities like search and browsing, is a gradual process that will take time.

We take pride in our strong vision, mission, and a business model that emphasizes aligning incentives between Kagi and our user community. Our aim is to grant you the freedom of unbridled access to humanity’s collective, unbiased knowledge, always keeping your best interests at heart. We are here to nurture the expansion of your mind, rather than your ad-tech profile.

The future holds uncharted territories, brimming with possibilities. At Kagi, we are profoundly grateful for the support and trust you’ve placed in us. Together, we forge ahead, poised to ensure a more humane web for all.

For any inquiries or just to say hello, feel free to reach out to vlad@kagi.com.