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Kagi now accepts Paypal, EUR and Bitcoin (Lightning) payments

One of the most frequently requested features on Kagi has been the expansion of our payment methods so that more people can more easilly enjoy the benefits of Kagi Search.

We are happy to announce that Kagi now accepts payments through PayPal and Venmo, as well as EUR payments via iDEAL and Giropay. In addition we accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Lightning through OpenNode.

Paypal, Venmo payments

While Kagi does not log and associate user queries with accounts (refer to our privacy policy for more details), we’ve received a strong demand in our feedback forum for anonymous payment options. We understand the importance of peace of mind for our users, and so we’ve enabled truly anonymous ways to pay for Kagi services.

Implementing such payment solution was challenging due to our lack of experience with cryptocurrency payments. After extensive research and with community assistance, we partnered with OpenNode to facilitate privacy-preserving payments without the need for KYC, while also providing an efficient off-ramp to USD for our own needs.

OpenNode payments

All new payment methods are one-time transactions used to top off your Kagi balance at your discretion. Your membership will then automatically draw funds from this balance on renewal.

You can find the option to pay using these alternative payment methods on the plan selection screen, either during the onboarding process, or when navigating to “Upgrade to Premium Membership” under Settings -> Billing if you already have a free account. If you are already a susbcriber you can click “Switch Plan” in the Billing screen.

Then at the bottom of the price page, click “Alternative payment methods” link.

Alternative payment methods

Note that payments made through OpenNode are not refundable. Also, these payment methods require JavaScript to be turned on in the browser, one of the rare things in Kagi that do require JavaScript.

If you encounter any issues with the new payment methods, please do not hesitate to reach out to support@kagi.com