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Kagi search features

New: More features in our Dec 22 update and May 23 update.

These may be the most surprising Kagi features for new users.

No ads

No matter how hard you try, you will never see any ads in Kagi!

This is because you are paying for search and we can focus on delivering the best possible experience to you. Paid search also sidesteps all possible conflicts of interest between you and us, while aligning all incentives. Win-win!

Ability to block/boost domains

Ever had a pesky site in results that you wanted to get rid of for good? Kagi allows you to do just that.

Use the ‘crystal orb’ menu to adjust the ranking of any website in Kagi results. This even works for image search.

Rank results

More relevant results, less spam

We surface high quality content from smaller sites, less spam, automatically pull in discussions around the web, group annoying listicles together and much more!

Compare results for best laptop at Kagi and Google.



Lenses are Kagi’s novel way of focusing your searches on specific parts of the web.


We give you powerful lenses such as “Programming”, “Discussions”, and “Recipes” that dial in on those topics, and remove all other noise.

Even better, we let you create your own lenses and define corners of the web you want to search.

Edit lens


Bangs allow you to quickly jump to all popular sites on the web. Search for “!yt pink floyd” and be taken directly to YouTube.

Kagi supports all bangs that DuckDuckGo does (and we’d like to take the opportunity to credit them for inventing the concept).

Privacy by design

Our business model is selling subscriptions (and not selling ads or your data). With Kagi, experience privacy by design like no other search engine.

Kagi is zero telemetry, zero tracking search engine. Your searches are never saved or linked to your account. We do not want or need any of your private information. All we want is offer the best possible search experience so you keep paying for it.


The results render faster than in Google. How is that possible?

This is because our average result page size is ~150KB compared to ~1.5MB of Google. Our result page makes less than 15 requests on average, while Google does over 80.

Also Kagi also looks and works exactly the same if JavaScript is disabled in the browser!


Interesting finds & Blast from the past

Kagi will surface interesting, exploratory, results whenever we can.

Interesting finds

In addition we will serve these results even if these web pages are not on the web anymore. We call this section “Blast from the Past”.

Appearance customization

With Kagi you have total freedom to customize what you see in results and what does it look like.

Pick one of the four themes that we have or make your own with full CSS customization.

Custom CSS

See result details

See how fast is a website or how many ads/trackers it has before clicking the result.

All accessible through ‘crystal orb’ popup near every result.

Result details

Instant answers

We have many instant answers already and are constantly adding more, with the idea of allowing users to define their own ‘widgets’ in the future.

if you are a developer you will appreciate our programming quick answers and cheat sheets to most common programming queries. Try python for loop.

Comprehensive result filtering

Kagi has all the filtering options of other search engines plus more!


Sort results by number of ads/trackers on them. Or filter results to a specific date range. All possible with Kagi.

Keyboard shortcuts

If you like keeping your hands on the keyboard, with Kagi you can.

Kagi supports j/k to go through results and ENTER to open them. Full list of keyboard shortcuts is available by pressing ? in Kagi results.

Keyboard shortcuts

User feedback

We use community-driven product development methodology.

Make your voice heard at Kagi’s feedback website at kagifeedback.org.

Orion browser

Orion browser is perfect companion to Kagi search. Read more about its features.