Tales from Kagi

Enhancements to the Kagi search experience

We are pleased to announce newly enhanced search results across various search features.

Kagi’s goal from day one was to provide the best search results. Today, we are adding significant improvements to continue our steady progress toward building a superior user search experience.

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Web search results are the core of any search engine. At Kagi, we are primarily interested in providing the best search results available to anyone who trusts us with their hard-earned money in the world of free search engine alternatives (see also “Why pay for search?”).

Enhancements to Web search results. Click to enlarge.

Summary of web search improvements:
- Improved search relevancy
- More relevant sub-pages
- Option for extended search snippets
- We are down-ranking sites with a lot of ads and trackers more aggressively


We have vastly improved the quality, variety of sources, and the number of image search results. Kagi Image search is now featuring, on average, 2x-3x more results than before.

Enhancements to Image search results, before and after. Click to enlarge.


Our video search results now feature higher quality results from mainstream video websites like YouTube but also surfaces more results from other platforms (like Twitter) and individual websites.

We are showing around 100 most relevant videos (when available) for your video searches. This is Video search taken to the next level.

Enhancements to Video search results. Click to enlarge (showing results from many different sources).


We have increased the number and variety of sources in the News results, focusing more on local and “interesting finds.”

Note that you can set your preferences for your favorite source using standard Kagi personalization tools like “pin” (to surface the source to the top) or “block” (to block the source from showing). Make your news feed the one you will always enjoy.

Enhancements to News search results. Click to enlarge.


Lenses return twice as many results as before on the initial search, making them much more useful.

Enhancements to Lenses search results. Click to enlarge (showing results for Academic results lens).


We have improved our shopping results and added a helpful widget on the sidebar for relevant results.

Kagi shopping results have no affiliate links and feature the most helpful, unbiased reviews.

Enhancements to Shopping results. Click to enlarge (large image with reviews expanded).

New integration - Reverse image search

The reverse image search has landed in Kagi.

Go to Images and click the image icon in the search bar to activate.

New reverse image search in Kagi.

This is just the beginning - we have many ideas for improving the feature’s quality and robustness.

New integration - Podcast search

Podcasts as a media format are on the rise, and we are happy to introduce podcast search as an entirely separate searchable category in Kagi.

New podcasts search in Kagi.

New Integration - Public records search

The public record refers to information recorded and filed by a public agency. From now on, Kagi will instantly search hundreds of millions of United States court records, lawsuits, and patents through a partnership with Judy Records.

New public records search in Kagi.


We are excited to share these new features with you and continue building the best search experience in the world.

If you have not experienced Kagi yet, try it now. We have a free trial plan that will give you a taste of the Kagi Search experience. Kagi has paid plans for everyone, including the family plan.

This is a significant update to Kagi search, and if you notice anything odd please report it to KagiFeedback.org.

Thank you for supporting Kagi, the search engine with your best interest in mind.